Innolytix Ventures is a boutique innovation agency with a new approach to Catalyzing Innovation!TM. We set no limits to the creativity we can achieve together finding breakthrough solutions and neither should you.

Our Vision: Catalyze Innovation!TM ... worldwide ... large and small ... individual and organizational. We recognize that creative problem solving requires hard work, brain sweat, and most importantly passion and tenacity. Breakthrough thinking and the creative processes required to catalyze it, are regularly misunderstood and, sadly, lacking in many organizations. We optimize ideas, and magnify brands in focused, but diverse vertical markets: Advertising & Marketing, Education, Energy, Global, Healthcare, Sports, Technology.

We want to create innovation where none exists, enhance creativity in programs that already exist, and inspire products and solutions yet to come. Innolytix specializes in the strategic ideation process to help you create opportunities, and can do so affordably to help you level the playing field in brand identity, product or service creation, and of course, the ideation and generative process.

It is our passion to inspire individuals, teams, and organizations to incubate creative solutions through the following integrated endeavors: Agency, B2B or B2C, Challenges, Cloud, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurs & Inventors, Event Management, Experiential Marketing, Ideation, Interactive, Marketing, Mobile, Product, Programming, Social, Software, Web.

Let Innolytix > Catalyze Innovation for YOU!